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Interpersonal Neurobiology

The emerging field of neurobiology indicates our brains are constantly evolving, changing, and growing through our interactions with others and through cultivating mindfulness.  “Neuroplasticity” means the shape-shifting in our brains as we integrate life experiences, attune with ourselves, and heal with others.

Science has paved the way for Action Methods because we now know deep transformation requires both left and right hemispheres of the brain, along with implicit (wordless) memory that ‘hides out’ in the body.   For more reading of IPNB, visit theMindsight Institute.

What are Action Methods?


Action Methods are the therapeutic use ofpsychodrama, art, group  metaphor, stone work, guided imagery and other exercises that explore a clients inner world by ‘doing’ rather than simply talking. 

The “magic” of Action Methods is the embodied experience of well-being that can be remembered at a cellular level and recalled later in life’s difficult moments.  

Recent studies show longer lasting benefits from action-oriented therapies than talk therapies alone because the experience becomes a  “felt sense” in the limbic system—if even for a moment. 

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