Ways To Become The Ultimate Cheerleader For Yourself


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According to Colleen Mullen, PsyD, “People can’t think their way out of depression. Depression has nothing to do with having bad days or not having enough good things in one’s life.”

A lot of incidences can bring your mood down and prevent you from reaching new heights these days. Jam-packed traffic is one of them, especially if that’s what’s greeting you day and night. Annoying colleagues who think they know better than you can be a part of that list too, for sure. And on top of all that, there’s your name in big, bold letters.

The latter should make some sense because we tend to critique ourselves too hard, assuming it’s impossible to push past our limits. Therefore, the outcome is rarely favorable for you, your career, and various aspects of your life.

In case you wish to lessen the judging, just try to become the ultimate cheerleader for yourself. The steps aren’t always challenging, you know. Here are the ways to develop this character.


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  1. Stop Waiting For Luck Or Others’ Affirmation

As a person living a mundane life. You need to remember to do things for yourself. It isn’t wise to wait for people to utter how wonderful your work is or compliment your physical changes. Similarly, you can’t leave your fate to something as fickle as luck to feel happy.


  1. Appreciate All Facets Of Yourself

How boring your days will be if you can only see your beautiful side. Although it’s true that noticing the goodness in you is an essential recipe for a non-fluctuating confidence level, pay attention also to your not-so-great sides, such as clumsiness, forgetfulness, etc. This way, you’re aware of the facets that require an extra boost to improve.


Deborah Serani, PSYD said “The experience of depression is one where you feel things intensely, so talking in the first person, using me, I, myself, is a common experience.”


  1. Stay Down To Earth

An excellent cheerleader cheers himself or herself up, but never will you bring others down. The trait has much to do with your humility. Watching your peers fail as you succeed doesn’t make you want to sneer at them. Deep inside, you know that the world is round, and you may instantly be in their position once karma strikes.


  1. Retreat To Your Comfort Zone Anytime

In case things seem bleak in your life, don’t hesitate to return to your comfort zone. That can mean your childhood home, the apartment you now have, or even a workshop where you often hang out. It is – and will forever be – the place where you feel safe to let all your emotions go and just be yourself. By the time you’re ready to step back to reality, do it with a calm heart and a huge grin on your face.


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  1. Never Put Yourself Down

A common mistake of successful folks when people praise their work is saying, “Oh, I didn’t do much. I’m merely lucky to be there.” The logic behind the reaction is that they don’t wish to sound arrogant, which is noteworthy. However, you genuinely did something unusual with your time and effort, so try not to downsize your achievements. That’s among the ways to become the ultimate cheerleader for yourself, FYI.


  1. Do What You Say

Finally, telling your reflection in the mirror that you’ll do better in general today isn’t enough to liven up your spirit. You should complement your words with actions so that you’ll see improvement sooner than later.



Take note of these words from Ron Siegel, PsyD.: “Why do I dwell always expecting fear and dread? What if I subdue that fear and dread, keeping the same posture that I’m in when it comes upon me? While I walked, the fear and dread came upon me. I neither stood, nor sat, nor lay down until I had subdued that fear and dread.”