Rules To Live Your Life To The Max



Vicki Botnick, MA, MS, LMFT said ” A complex practice of gratitude, affirmations and confidence-boosting can lift one’s mood and clear one’s mind-—over weeks of concentrated repetition.”

Isn’t it disturbing to see on social media or hear directly from same-aged friends that they’re accomplishing way more than you do?

Ideally, you left school and got a job at the same time. Your academic grades may not be too far off from one another as well. So, how was it possible for them to excel at a faster pace of life in comparison with you?

It is a curious scenario indeed, considering they didn’t gain or ask for favors along the way. What successful people have in common, though, is sheer courage to live life to the max. They seek doors of opportunity themselves instead of waiting for one to open. While the risks are undoubtedly real, these folks try their best to make the most out of their time while they still can.

Read the rules below on how you can have the same experience.


  1. Fear Less

Being scared of something or someone is the ultimate attitude that can hinder you from accomplishing your goals. Does it matter if you don’t have an original background to a task or activity your friends or bosses want you to fulfill? It will help, yes, but you won’t know whether it’s doable for you or not in case you don’t try it for the first time. For this reason, abandon your fears and leap to exciting endeavors.




  1. Pave Your Path

Having a similar skillset to most inhabitants of the planet will increase the difficulty of finding a career that fits your preferences. You may choose to wait – that’s your prerogative – yet it’s best to create your track toward success. At least, owners of various business empires like Apple and Facebook did that, and you can guess how many wins they gain financial-wise regularly.


Ron Siegel, PsyD suggests “Start by bringing attention to some sensation in the body – perhaps the breath or another object of attention.”


  1. Avoid Stressful Relationships

The sole connections worth fighting for are the ones wherein the other individual fights for you too. In case all you get from the relationship is sorrow, shame, and pain – mentally and physically – then it’s favorable to snip off your ties entirely. You can build new links whenever you please, but don’t ever settle in relationships that don’t make you feel alive.


  1. Hate No One

Hating someone is too effortless, especially if others are egging you on or the person you despise keeps on doing what you told him or her not to do. Regardless of that, the dark emotion is like a metal chain that stops you from moving forward. Set your hatred free, therefore, and have a blissful life.




According to Brenda Fahn, M.A., LMFT, “Let the best part of you show up (happy, confident, joyful, interesting, healthy.)”


  1. Become A Child-At-Heart

Why do you think kids appear to have the most fun out of any situation? It isn’t a mere act; it’s because they don’t take problems as grave as most adults do. Grownups like you should take note of such a fact so that anger or disappointment cannot ever block your source of happiness.


  1. Stay Realistic

The final rule to live your life to the max is to have realistic expectations and thoughts. That is particularly true when it comes to taking care of your career and family. Never assume that both will always be in perfect equilibrium because so many factors can affect that balance. And considering things become a bit askew, just resolve the issues practically.


Got all the mental boost you need? Cool. Now, go and live the life you want to have. Good luck!