Phases Of Personal Growth


Personal growth is – or was – never something that you acquire because you hit a specific age. There are folks in their 30s or 50s whose actions make you doubt if they’re truly adults, and they’re supposed to be the epitome of being a grownup. No, personal growth is a process that you will continuously go through to improve the emotional, physical, and emotional facets of your life.  You can read more from

Ashley Thorn, LMFT said “Self-care refers to healthy things, in any aspect of your life, that ‘fill your cup. These are things that make you feel focused, calm, happy, and true to yourself.”

There are phases involved in it, but solely you can tell at which stage you currently are. Learn more about them below.

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Phase 1: Arising

Personal growth begins as soon as you realize the things you are both capable and incapable of. It cannot take place if you remain ignorant of your own weaknesses and strengths. In that case, you’ll have no idea where you’re standing.

Awaken from that deep slumber to be able to identify the limitations you’ve set for yourself up until this moment.


Phase 2: Finding Direction

After becoming attuned to what you can or can’t do, ask yourself this question: “Where do I see myself in the future?”

Do you want a bachelor’s degree? Is it alright for you to remain in that position at work, or would you like to receive a promotion? There’s no wrong answer, to be honest because you have every right to be whatever you wish to be. Consider setting short- and long-term goals so that you know where to put your best efforts.


“Self-love is — at its core — the unshakable, uncompromising belief that we are worthy of love, respect, safety, and belonging, regardless of our thoughts, feelings, or actions.” – Arianna Smith, LPC, EMDR

Phase 3:  Analyzing

The third stage requires you to assess your surrounding and find out what or who to gain inspiration from.

There are definitely other people who created and accomplished objectives that are similar to yours. Regardless, you shouldn’t be lured into following in their footsteps blindly, assuming you’ll get the same results. No one can tell that for sure based on others’ achievements. You have to look at all aspects of life before making any decision that can alter your existence forever.


Phase 4: Changing

At this point, you possess the proper gears to work toward your goals. Get rid of the old habits

Phase 5: Accepting

Part of growing as an individual is accepting that you’ll make decisions along the way that you can’t always be proud of. Not all of them (hopefully), yet some may set you back and rethink if you should continue or not. Despite that, the more positive reaction is to stand back up, never repeat your mistakes, and keep on pushing forward.


In the End




“One of the most challenging types of love to develop is self-love.” – Alicia Munoz, LPC