How Online Counseling Is Helping People Heal In These Trying Times

2020 was expected to be a glorious year for a lot of people all over the world. The new year marks a new beginning, and many people were eager to start anew. But less than three months later, many lives were changed indefinitely.

The World Health Organization has officially declared a global pandemic last March 11, 2020, now known as the Covid-19 outbreak. It has been more than a year since then, but the disease continues to plague many countries.


When the novel coronavirus first emerged, researchers discovered that it infects humans rather very swiftly. The transmission from one person to another can happen unknowingly, through physical contact, mainly from droplets or aerosols.

Hence, governments of different countries worldwide started imposing strict restrictions, lockdowns, and isolation measures.

To say the entire world halted is an understatement. The world stopped, and many lives were upended. Businesses, schools, and other industries—except food and healthcare—began shutting down.

Outside activities became very limited, with people only allowed to go out for essentials like grocery shopping. Travelling is a no-go.

Some of the changes brought upon by the pandemic also included remote learning and remote working. Jobs and education utilize the internet, so many people can comfortably work or study from their home.

The once lively streets, parks filled with families, and malls with enthusiastic customers are now only distant memories.

Increasing Mental Health Problems

The sudden change in lifestyle because of the virus outbreak has caused turmoil in many people’s well-being. Some cannot mentally keep up with everything that is going on around the globe. The pandemic, without a doubt, triggered a series of mental health challenges in people.

More than a hundred million people across the globe are already struggling with a mental condition. The virus outbreak has shown a steady increase in mental instability in a lot of people.

Those with existing mental illness report worsening of their condition, while others are developing one. Among many psychological problems, people’s most common mental issues while in lockdown are anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.


Imagine partying with your friends one day and being cooped up in your house for months the next. Meeting family and friends physically is no longer possible, only virtually.

Social interaction is a human necessity, and people are deprived of it in these challenging times, causing further stress.

Some people lost their jobs because of the pandemic, and their financial constraints may become a stressor. There may be people who probably have lost a loved one from the disease. So it’s no surprise many people are feeling anxious about what is happening in the world.

Getting Mental Health Support During A Pandemic

The virus outbreak has created more barriers for mental health sufferers. It has become hard for them to arrange a face-to-face consultation with their respective physicians since going out is restricted.

Not to mention there is also a heightened fear of contracting the virus while running errands outside.  Thankfully, technology and the internet paved the way for easier access to mental health care.

Counseling is a widely used form of psychotherapy that has been around for ages. Its primary goal is to help struggling individuals cope with specific issues in their life affecting their psychological well-being.

Now more than ever, in the middle of a pandemic, many people need counseling to help with their mental condition.

Since the virus outbreak restrained outside movement for many people, counseling has been made available online. Online counseling is a convenient way of finding dedicated support for psychological care.

Even with a quick google search, you’ll see hundreds of different websites offering online counseling services.  Many of these websites provide a platform where people can talk to licensed therapists or counselors.


Speaking to a counselor or therapist in front of a screen may feel weird at first. That is understandable. But online counseling is found to be just as effective as in-person counseling. If you find a trusted counselor for your sessions, you should be able to adapt quickly.

Treat your online counseling the same way you would in face-to-face appointments. Be honest and open to your counselor so you could go over all of your concerns and worries.

Online counseling nowadays is also tailored with different services to manage stress for each individual. Aside from counseling assistance, some also offer activities to boost their clients’ mood and overall well-being. These include exercise programs, creative activities, and a whole lot more.

While online counseling is proven to be advantageous during a pandemic, it is essential to keep in mind that mental health recovery is a process. There is no quick fix to mental health problems.

But if the pandemic is taking a toll on your health—both physical and mental—look into online counseling if you have not. Online counseling may help you cope, heal, and deal with these trying times.