Frequently Asked Questions About Anxiety Contributors

I recently got diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and I can say that it was shocking. Until now, I can’t still believe that I now have a mental illness. At first, I thought my worries and fears are just normal and that I don’t have to think about it as something that would change my life until it did. I became more conscious about things around me, and I frequently have these ongoing thoughts and “what ifs.” Sometimes, I even end up isolating myself because of the constant pressure of proving to other people that I can be okay. Everything in my life was confusing and a bit debilitating due to my anxiety disorder.

I understand that my anxiety disorder didn’t just happen automatically. I certainly know that there are a lot of factors that trigger my mental health problem. That is why I frequently asked questions about anxiety contributors. Here are some of the questions I usually ask myself.


What are personality types more prone to anxiety?

There are some certain personality traits of people that are more likely to experience anxiety. Some children are timid, perfectionists, inhibited, and easily flustered. Also, personality traits such as lack of self-esteem or want to control everything add to the list.

Knowing that particular information made me realize that a sudden personality change does not always associate with an individual’s free-will. Sometimes, there are these triggers that a person can’t handle. These triggers include financial strain, the death of a loved one, conflict with other people, relationship matters, and so on.

 What triggers my anxiety?

There are a lot of daily stressors that can trigger anxiety. Some examples are traffic jams, missing a bus ride, noisy environment, and loaded household chores. However, long-term or chronic stress can come from emotional issues related to family, friends, and colleagues’ relationships. There is a constant emotional imbalance that a person cannot easily handle.

When experiencing anxiety, you should pay attention to your symptoms. Never ignore it. Yes, you may sometimes feel that the symptoms are normal, but when you realize that they are becoming a hindrance to your daily function, you need to seek help immediately. Never excuse yourself from taking care of it and never feel sorry for having a mental illness.

 What famous person has anxiety?

Famous persons diagnosed with anxiety include Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West, Adele, Missy Elliott, Kristen Stewart, Busy Philipps, and more.

As you can see, even infamous individuals experience anxiety just like other ordinary people. Therefore, we can assume that an individual can still suffer from mental and emotional issues despite having almost everything.

 What is the best job for a person with anxiety?

The best job for people with anxiety would be a counselor. That is because they are in a good position to be empathetic, given that they have experienced anxiety themselves. They will help others going through mental health issues because they can provide more relatable insights about the mental health problem’s signs and symptoms.

But available jobs for people with anxiety are not limited to counselors only. There are other jobs that they can also have, such as dog trainer, accountant, landscaper, entrepreneur, firefighter, artists, and writer.


 Does anxiety worsen with age?

The truth is, anxiety disorders don’t necessarily get worse with age. However, the number of individuals experiencing the condition changes across their lifespan. Meaning, though anxiety is more common with older age, children and adolescents move closer to the number of affected individuals.

Anxiety, though it can get linked to age-related problems, is not exclusive to adults. Research shows that even children and teenagers get diagnosed with anxiety disorder too.

 What are the happiest jobs?

The happiest jobs out there are Engineers, closely followed by teachers and nurses. That is, according to most experts’ analysis. Perhaps that is due to their work’s nature, where they engage with different people every day. The people they deal with impacts their lives in more significant ways.

But depending on the individual, his jobs can be significantly important to him, especially when it brings satisfaction and happiness. Not only because the person likes what he does, but because he knows he is surrounded by friends and colleagues that positively impacts his life. Honestly, when he looks at it differently and optimistically, a person’s job can become the best job for him. As long as he understands the complication, demands, and withholding stress of the daily duties he got to take, the individual can professionally manage.

 What is the least stressful job?

The least stressful jobs that people consider include the following: compliance officer, diagnostic medical sonographer, operations research analyst, medical records technician, university professor, audiologist, hairstylist, medical records technician, and jeweler.

But note that not because your job is not on the list does not mean that yours is not that stressful. Depending on the situation and the environment you are in, your most loved job can become worse at some point. Also, some things that do not tend to be a big deal for you can become a huge factor for others. Thus, it just means that there are entirely no stressful or less stressful jobs out there. People experience anxiety and stress on their job, but only on different levels.

 What is the most relaxing job?

Some of the most relaxing jobs are Astronomer, Optometrist, Radiologic Technologist, Power Plant Operator, Computer Network Technician, Electrician, Software, or Interactive Media Developer.



With mental illness, things are often bound to change. Sometimes, there is no specific moment as to where you would experience severe symptoms. But you need always to remember that your overall recovery is not automatic. You are responsible for keeping your overall health intact. So if you will be given a chance to choose between stress and wellness, always choose wellness above all.

So as for me, despite the hardships of trying to get better, I always stay positive. I still want to choose mental and emotional wellness above anything.