7 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Hate Stress


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Stress, stress, and more stress. Nobody wants to deal with it. We hope to get rid of it forever. However, history can tell that stress returns because you tend to leave the doors (a.k.a. your mind and ears) open.

For example, when you hear from the right-side neighbor that the left-side neighbor talks behind your back, you get angry. If one of your teammates can’t do their share of work, you finish it with a heavy heart. You manage to harbor a lot of emotions that cause S-T-R-E-S-S.

Do you realize the issue now? Well, here are more problem-inducing things you shouldn’t be doing if you hate stress with a passion.

According to Nancy Goldov, PsyD, “Americans are more likely to report feeling the effects of stress in this year’s survey than they did in the prior year.”

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Sleep Less

A lot of gamers, workaholics, and social media users are guilty of this matter. It’s either you can’t afford to leave the game, the unfinished projects, or the online world for the sake of rest. Even if you can sleep in the morning, the outcome is different from when you doze off at night. Thus, stress can take place.

Alicia H. Clark, PsyD said “Stress is an invitation to change, and maybe even a nudge. When demands for change cause pressure on our resources, stress is felt, which creates discomfort and a pressure to reduce it.”


Say ‘Yes’ To Everything

In case you don’t decline requests from anybody, although you know it’ll put much pressure on you, that’s bad. We understand that you probably just don’t wish to disappoint the people around you by saying ‘no’ to them. But if you don’t start doing it soon, you’ll absorb their worries and feel toxic.

Become A TV Addict

Watching shows on the television is a quick diversion tactic to take your mind off things. It turns into a huge problem, though, in case that’s all you want to accomplish for days. You forget your obligations and cram to finish them as the deadline comes closer than ever. That too results in stress.

Allow People To Cause Troubles

It is bothersome indeed to let a subordinate slack off or chat about non-work-related stuff and not reprimand them. Should you have the same job post as they do, just remind them once to stop and pay no attention. In case you’re the boss, and they still don’t listen, you can directly send a memo or find more-professional employees.

Live Too Freely

Ever heard of YOLO? Many individuals grasp that statement too much and choose YOLO-worthy experiences over the ones that’ll give them financial freedom, among others. They lose their sense of structure, therefore, and become stressed out as soon as they return to reality. This issue should have avoided if they scheduled the events well.

Work Without Pausing

You want to establish your value in the company – and, in the process, the society – so you work harder than anyone. The compliments and honors may fall on your lap afterward take a breather, Mr./Ms. Overachiever – your body needs it.

Eat Only When You Remember

Often, eating goes to the bottom of priorities of someone who is too busy. Some, believe it or not, go as far as consuming one meal a day, and that doesn’t even consist of healthy choices. Your exhaustion and lack of nutrient sources will give you stress, without a doubt.

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The Conclusion

Love yourself, will you? Love your body more than work, toys, gossips, or TV, because it’s irreplaceable and sometimes irreparable. If you can just do it on a daily basis, you may be able to avoid stress better.