Behavioral Health: How To De-Stress  

Having stress and anxiety in your life is an indication that you need to start changing your ways. Take these negative emotions as a sign that it is time for you to think of better ways on how to go on with your days. Keep in mind that you are the only person who can change the course of your fate. If you do not want your mental or behavioral health to suffer, then be sure to find ways on how you can de-stress. Take note that living a stress-free life can do wonders in your days.

“Having a mindset of de-cluttering helps to manage stress,” says Lauren Napolitano, PsyD.



Here are the ways on how you can de-stress and eventually experience better days in your life:


Do Not Be Afraid To Quit


Is there something that is causing stress in your day-to-day life? Do you want to find a better job? Is your current relationship making you furious all the time? Is it difficult to deal with your workmates or colleagues? The first thing that you must do is to identify the stressors in your life and get rid of them even if it means quitting your job or ending your relationship. Keep in mind that sometimes, the smart thing to do is to know when is the right time to stop. Avoid putting yourself in stressful situations.


According to Amy Lukowski, PsyD, “Accept that there are events you cannot control – when you know there are times when you have given all that you can to a situation, it allows you to expend energy where it can be more effective.”


Take It Slow


Did you know that stress can be a result of rushing to get things done? The reason behind this is because you are somehow pressuring yourself without you knowing it. As such, it is highly advisable for you to master the art of taking it slow. When you want something to happen or achieve a goal, do not forget the significance of working according to your pace. Do not compare yourself to others and do the necessary tasks or activities on your speed. The more you choose to take it slow, the more you become in control of your life. In the long, it can help in eliminating stress.




Go On A Vacation


Another smart way to de-stress is to travel to a new place – somewhere you have never been to before. Do not be afraid to book a flight to a country that you are going to visit for the first time. Take note that you can travel on your own or with a loved one. The choice depends on what you want to accomplish for the entire trip. If you’re going to get to know yourself more, it is best to do solo travels. On the other hand, if you want or wish to spend quality time with your partner, then going on a romantic weekend getaway may be the ideal thing for you.


“A little bit of stress is totally normal—and can actually be a good thing”, says Aarti Gupta, PsyD.


Find Your Passion


The next thing that you have to consider is to search for what sets your soul on fire. Be passionate in everything that you do, so that you will not experience stress and anxiety. Always choose to do what you love because it can set you free. At the same time, it will also give you more reasons to acquire genuine happiness. For example, you can join workshops, which include activities that are new to you. Do not hesitate to try each one of them until you end up with something that you genuinely love.


Think Positive All The Time


Of course, one of the things that you must never forget is the importance of thinking positive at all times. Always make an effort to attract positivity in everything that you do. As much as possible, avoid entertaining negative thoughts, especially when it comes to your circumstances. You have to learn to believe in the power of the law of attraction. Whatever you think the most, you attract the most. Make sure to manifest good things in your life so that you will not feel stressed out.






Always think that you are bigger than the stress and anxiety that you feel. In so doing, you can think of better ways on how to eliminate them in your life. Sometimes, you have to be right in strategizing the steps that you will be taking to ensure that you can have improved mental health.

This can be a challenging task that platforms such as BetterHelp can address. With the guidance of online platforms and trained professionals, you can effectively make your way toward eliminating stress. Do not hesitate to seek professional help in case your stress or anxiety develop into a depression or other severe mental problem.



A Survival Guide (Emotional) For Single Moms


Solutions From Women Who Experienced It

Have you ever tried going to a party with the dilemma of which bag to use? You can’t fit everything that you might need in a small purse, and bringing a tote or shoulder bag seems a bit off. You can’t leave your lip tint, your powder, a small bottle of perfume or a wallet with a few IDs and some cash, and not to mention your over-the-top phone plus your keys. So you chose to use a bigger bag instead despite the shabby look. You care less if you just broke a fashion protocol as long as it has everything you need and it gives you contentment and ease. The same goes for single mothers, who are confronted with the same issues every single day – if only they could also fit an online therapist inside their bags, they would! And just when you thought things could get more complicated, there are a few tips on a single mother can keep her sanity.

No One To Turn To

Have you tried having a really bad day that you just want to give up and wished you have someone you can pass your role into? It can be very frustrating and sometimes, breaks you down, that you could only hope for the better.

Single mom solutions:

It is beneficial that you keep everything in check. Create a routine if you could and stick with that. Whenever there are changes or unplanned tasks, then it should not overwhelm you too much.  It is also better to pause for a while when being confronted with situations that involve your child’s behavior. Venting out anger on them is not a good idea and might come off worst.



Single mothers knew the struggle of having to doubt themselves and their capacity to raise their children, the perfect way possible. The thing is, there is no “perfect parent” or a “perfect mother” or even that “perfect way” you’re looking for. Parenting can be very challenging, and it doesn’t come in with a manual. Yes, there are books or articles that you can find about great parenting and better ways on how to do it, and yet it just wasn’t enough.

Single mom solutions:

“Take the good ones, leave the unnecessary” – always remember to trust your motherly instincts. Sometimes what works for others doesn’t work for you. The key to it is still looking at your child in perspective as to what kind of person you would want them to be. This will be your guide and inspiration to better parenting, and everything will come out naturally.

Making Decisions On Your Own

Unlike the typical family, single mothers see this as an opportunity instead of a disadvantage. There might be instances when decision making can be tough, but at the end of the day, you can only take responsibility of your actions since you don’t have anyone to blame or to argue with.

Single mom solutions:

Always put your child a priority. Think of the pros and cons of that decision and how it will affect them. This is where your communication comes in. You need to involve your child. This not only builds their confidence and trust but helps them be responsible for their actions too.

Missing The Kids When They Are Not Around

While single moms could use a little time to pamper themselves alone, it still hard to battle anxiety and loneliness. Everything is different when your child isn’t around. It’s like a piece of you has been taken out, and it doesn’t feel right.

Single mom solutions:

Maintaining positive thoughts and communication helps a lot. While away, you could use those spare time doing things that you seldom do for yourself, like going to a spa, binge on a movie or probably hang out with your friends. You could also use some of the time to prepare another activity once they’re back and encourage them to share everything that happens when they were with the other parent. This helps you keep them in check too.

Money Challenges

Issues with money can be very overwhelming. It will take the life out of someone, and this is not new to single moms. Whether or not there is child support, your financial capacity is always confronted when it comes to providing the needs of your child. Every parent wants what’s best for their children that often, you confused the needs between wants.

Single mom solutions:

Always prioritize the needs. This is when tough decision making comes in. You have to be frugal for those things that deemed unnecessary and invest more in health and safety. In times that you are confronted with difficulties, take a break. Get some quiet time, go out for a walk to think or take a long shower. Always keep in mind that you should be as strong as the head of the family.



This became a dilemma having to choose an option without too much choice. Most often than not, single mothers were not raised by solo parents. Some have an ideal, if not a great family to start with. You might feel responsible and guilty, that you failed to give your child the family they deserve. And then you begin to doubt yourself if you will ever be a great mother as you even failed to do a simple task of keeping your family together.

Single mom solutions:

Keeping it real for idealists is harder than you could’ve ever imagined. Whenever you felt guilty, always look back to the reason why you’ve made a tough choice. Yes, it might have hurt your feelings and ego or your child feelings too, but you have to understand that you did what you have to do to salvage what is left from your little family and start nurturing it from there. There is only one way, and that is to move forward, not go back.

Losing Your Sense Of Self

Being a single mother twenty-four seven could take the best out of you and sometimes, the worst. After all the days’ chores that will sometimes extend at night, you don’t even remember when the last time you did something for yourself was.

Single mom solutions:

While multi-tasking seemed natural, as a single mom, some things go out of hand and beyond schedule. Make it a habit to have at least an hour work out every day or a five hour pamper time every week. This will light up your mood, makes you feel good about yourself and get you ready in another week of hustling your fantastic life with your child.

In the end, what matters most is your child’s upbringing. There are far more than those into being a good mother that you will ever be. How you do it, whether it’s your creativity or your ability to multi-task, were all just a tip of the iceberg. One thing is sure; unconditional love drove you to do things incomparable to anyone else.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety because of parenting, remember these words from therapists:

  • “Be active regularly – being active also helps your body more easily fight stress because it is fit.” – Amy Lukowski, PsyD
  • “This ‘good stress’ called ‘eustress’ can help propel you forward and motivate you to achieve goals.” – Aarti Gupta, PsyD
  • “”Purging unused items gives a sense of order to your physical environment, which helps you feel calmer about your stressors.” – Lauren Napolitano, PsyD