These Signs Mean You’re Living A Happy Life

“Are you a worrier? Are you angry a lot? Paying attention to what we think about most enables us to identify where our brain wiring may be faulty and unhealthy.” – Nicholette Leanza, LPCC-S

Claiming that you’re happy is as comfortable as telling everyone that you’re okay. Sometimes it’s true, and you do feel like the king (or queen) of the world. Other times, the words may just roll out of your tongue on automatic, knowing that’s what people want to hear. But if you’re still at crossroads about it, how can you honestly say that you’re full of joy and contentment?


Although no measuring device can help with that, you may have a substantial idea after reading the signs below.

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  1. Petty issues don’t stress you out.

Only significant catastrophes can put a frown on your face. In case it’s merely a wrong coffee order or a long wait to enter the cinema, you let it go.

  1. You genuinely cheer on people.

Envy and hate have no room in your big heart. When you hear about your friends’ successful endeavors, you praise them and never think you should be in their place instead.

According to Sarah Rumpf, MA, LPCC, “The pursuit of happiness is a major goal for a lot of people.”

  1. Learning new stuff is fun for you.

Leaving your comfort zone to gain current skills or experiences does not bother you. It makes you glad to be able to do all these.

  1. You know you’ll enjoy the future as much as the present.

Despite your excitement for what life brings in the coming years, you don’t mind living in the moment. In fact, you are contented and thankful for everything that you have right now.

  1. Every kind of relationship you have is ideal for many.

Zen Jordan Lewis Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, PhD, LMHC, LPCC said “The desire to be happy is a natural human instinct.”

Your bonds with the individuals you love feel so strong that any conflict becomes effortless to fix. There may be a distance between you too, yet you’re aware that it won’t decrease your affection for each other.

  1. You don’t like being happy by yourself.

It’s essential for you to see others smile and laugh as much as you do. Thus, you give them gifts or share insightful or funny stories all the time.


  1. Saying and accepting apologies are easy-peasy.

Being too egotistical to acknowledge your mistakes is never one of your traits. You don’t bottle up negative emotions either and forgive people after a short while.

  1. You look forward to another day at work like it’s your first.

Not everyone seems very eager to come to the office, especially in case they’ve been doing it for years. Despite that, you prepare for work daily with a light heart. It is a sign that you’re still happy with your occupation.

  1. New colleagues find you approachable.

Strangers feel as if they can befriend you faster compared to other co-workers. That may be because you smile more openly and are willing to talk to them a lot.

  1. Being alone doesn’t make you lonely.

You don’t need to rely on anyone to be happy. You might as well eat in a restaurant on your own, and you won’t feel jealous of others who dine with their partners.


  1. You can sleep like a well-nurtured baby.

Switching off the brain to take a rest is always problematic for individuals who lead a doomed life. It is never a hassle to you, however, because you make it a point to only focus on positive thoughts.