Mental Health Issues And Weight Problems


Since people are concerned about their ‘image,’ there are a lot of methods and procedures to help with weight loss. For those who are not battling depression, it is a difficult task to manage your weight or lose extra pounds. But for some who also have a mental illness on top of obesity, this kind of journey is twice more difficult than usual. Balancing your emotions and managing your weight is hard enough as it can make you stressed and exhausted, according to psychologists.

When these mental health issues and weight problems start to take a toll on you, it’s best to seek counseling from apps like BetterHelp. Talking to a professional can give immense benefits in clearing your mind.

When people reach a certain weight that they are not happy to have, they sometimes become overboard with weight loss that instead of helping your body become healthy, you starve yourself and complications seem to add up. It’s severe enough on its own, and when people start to join in with your struggles, it can get harder.

Daily Reminder To Lose Weight Is Sometimes Not Effective

I can see for myself that I have gained weight. I can even feel the changes in my body, but it does not help me when you comment about my weight. You don’t have to make me feel bad for something I don’t even want to happen in the first place. Show support and ask what you can do instead of criticizing.

Kirsten Brunner, MA, LPC said “Self-care is any activity or choice that allows a person to replenish, rejuvenate or reserve energy.”

I Have To Exercise

I would love to go out and do physical activities, but with people like me who suffer from depression, we develop social anxiety that can hinder me from doing physical activities. Insecurities are also no help, and I sometimes forget that I’m not the only person who has weight management problems and if they can do it, so can I.


Stress And Tension Can Increase The Chances Of Gaining Weight

According to studies, when you are stressed, your body thinks you’re losing too many calories; hence, the overeating. So not only do I fight with my mind but also with my body, and it can be a struggle for me.

Michelle Taylor, LPCC said “Our brain has thoughts that we don’t pay attention to. We choose which thoughts we focus on. And this is why we can experience different feelings at any moment.”

Food Provides Comfort

When I’m depressed or stressed out, I want to go home, lay down, and eat my comfort food. This is okay if done in moderation but over stress – eating can lead to weight gain and other complications. If I’m this way, lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on so I could get distracted and not over stress – eat.

I Can’t Survive Without Eating

If only eating can be cut off like smoking or drinking, but it’s not. I need food to survive, and I can’t just stop eating. I need to learn to control my food intake and cut down my portions to stay healthy and to manage my weight. A support system would even be better so I could be motivated to keep track of what food I eat.


My Confidence Is Low

When suffering from anxiety and depression, it tends to lower self – esteem. If weight loss is not happening quickly enough, I tend to feel bad about myself and think that what I’m doing isn’t working. I need to be able to let my feelings out, so I don’t have to worry and to be stressed and supporting me and listening to me means so much.

Brooke Wachtler, PSYD said “If meditation isn’t quite for you, though, trust that you already know exactly which rituals (read: long baths, sweat sessions with gal pals, and/or buckwheat pancakes) spark Marie Kondo-level joy in your life. Because a little me-time is the perfect antidote to poisonous thoughts.”

I Need Love And Acceptance

Everyone needs to feel accepted and loved. We need to hear that no matter what, even if our appearances change, that you will always be there to show love and support. It is hard and hurtful to get negative comments from people we do not know, and it can be worse from people who are dear to us.


This is very important. Respect if I don’t want to eat certain types of food and respect the decisions I have made. Deciding on what’s good or bad for me is a callous move already and receiving judgments can be stressful and make me rethink about my situation. All I need is support and guidance from you.

Don’t Comment On Weight Loss

Commenting on how much weight I lost can make me think that my beauty and appearance can be measured. Instead, comment on how happy I look or how I’m glowing and looking healthier than ever. This will make me feel better.

Brooke Wachtler, PsyD said “If you start to notice that your thought monologue quickly jumps from “I hate these dark circles” or “where did that cellulite come from?” to “I’m lazy” and “I’m worthless,” it’s time to call that time-out.”

In a world where appearances matter, we forget about the importance of happiness and beauty that cannot be seen by the eyes. Never forget that having a good heart and mind will radiate to the surface and will let you glow and people will see you for who you are.

Do not fall for the beauty standards the industry set up. Everyone is fantastic in their unique way, regardless of who you are. Love yourself and let people see the confidence you have, and people will admire you for that because beauty is not only skin deep.