Why You Should Get Back Up After A Fall

The number of times you fall never matter, for it’s how many times you get yourself up is what counts.


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We will all have our taste of failure at some point in our lives.   Some might fail a subject or two while in school, others might fail in their first business ventures, and there are those with failed relationships.   But wherever we failed at, it’s an opportunity for us to learn and grow.


The Mindset Should Be Never Give Up

Many tend to give up their dreams when they taste failure.  But others choose to bounce back and be better.


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How we think about failure dictates our success.  If you take failure as the end of the road for you, then you’ll end up a loser.   You’ll just give up everything you worked hard for, and choose a much easier path.  Where do you think the road that makes you feel safer and would not get hurt by failure again would lead you?

A winner’s mindset is never giving up no matter what.   For such person, failure is just a bump on the road.   It’s part of the journey.  And being able to pass beyond that is a taste of success.   The wound and pain don’t matter much for he is focused on the result of the knowledge and growth that comes with each trial.


Leslie Bautista, PsyD, says “To do it responsibly, you always have to consider who are the most important to you-whether your spouse, partner or children or whoever will be impacted by what you do with your life.”


Push Yourself To The Limit

It’s always more comfortable and safer to stay in your comfort zone.  But don’t you think that’s boring.  You may free yourself from failure, but you are also depriving yourself of opportunities to become a better person.  You’ll never reach your destination if you do not push yourself to take the steps forward to get there.

Pushing yourself to be your best is not about being hard on yourself, but instead believing that you can do it.

Not because you fail means there’s nothing better you can do.  There’s more potential in you.  You just need to keep going to discover what it is and believe in your strengths.


According to Erin McKee, PsyD, “The bottom line: there is hope and you can heal.”


The Road With No Obstacle Is Road To Nowhere

Ask every successful man you know if they didn’t commit any mistakes?  For sure, they do even once.  And they inevitably learn something from that wrong thing or decision they’ve done.

Don’t be disheartened when you happen to get things wrong, that’s an expected part of learning.  Obstacles are laid on the way not to bury you in the depression of worries and anxiety, but to allow you to exercise your mind and enrich yourself.

Mistakes and failures are the best teachers you could ever have.  So, be wary if the path you’re traveling has no obstacles waiting for you.  It means life is not teaching you any lesson.   And there’s no point to be there.  There’s no reason to go on because there’s nothing but empty road ahead.


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Are You Not Excited To See What Awaits You At The End Of The Road

Challenges and trials in life are what makes the journey worthwhile.  It dares you how much you can endure, questioning your strength and perseverance.

Are you not curious what’s waiting for you at the end of the road?   What’s behind those tall mountains waiting for you to climb?  What’s beyond the dark clouds of doubts?

Life is challenging you to rise again and again and accept the challenge until you see the end of the road you choose to take.

Tip from Joseph Rock, PsyD: Try self-help or talking to a professional to see if a course-correction is possible.