How To Choose Your Friends

As you grow older, you will start to realize that life is what you make out of it. You will begin to see that what truly matters is not the number of persons that you have in your life but the quality of their personality or attitude. The more you age, the more you realize that you do not want any form of stress in your life. You will think that you deserve nothing but the best relationships and partnerships. Because of this, it is imperative on your part to learn how to choose your friends while you are young.




Before anything else, you need to understand that having several friends is not the measurement of how good you are as a person. As such, do not pressure yourself too much in meeting lots of individuals and making them part of your life. Remind yourself that after all, at the end of the day, only those who are kind and amazing must remain in your life. Avoid cultivating friendships or relationships that are not worth it.


Follow the steps or tricks mentioned below so that you can start choosing the right set of friends:


Do Not Be Judgmental


As much as possible, avoid giving judgments or comments about people, especially if you are not yet sure of who they are. The best or ideal thing to do is to find time to learn each person’s story before you say your piece about him. Take note that you do not know everything. It is best to keep your mouth shut if you do not have anything nice to say to the other person. Aside from this, you must instill in your mind that first impressions do not always last.




Get To Know People


Another thing that you should never forget is to give yourself a chance to get to know other people first before you say something to them or decide that they must not stay in your life. Keep in mind that you are not perfect. As such, you also have your own imperfections, which is why you have to give others a chance also to present themselves in a different way. If you think that a person is not pleasant, make sure to see it for yourself first before you avoid that person.


Stop Forcing Friendships


One of the crucial and vital things that you must always remember is the importance of not forcing any form of relationship. Take note that you are a fantastic individual, which means that you do not need to force your presence into another person’s life. Once you realize that the other person is not as great as who he tries to present to the public, do not hesitate to walk away from that individual. Sometimes, you have to be strong enough to let go of the friendships that are not worth it. Remind yourself that you do not need to make friends with those who have a bad influence over you. You deserve better, which is why you must never allow anything or anyone make you feel bad.




Choose your friends wisely at all times. Here are some of the best quotes or statements from therapists and counselors about friendships:

  • “If you’re using social media for personal reasons—to stay in touch with friends and family, for example, create an alternate or private profile that only friends and family know.” – John Gavazzi, PsyD
  • “Friends have conversations, share personal information with each other and problem solve in a social or caring way.” – Deborah Serani, PsyD
  • “What stage do you find yourself in right now? With plenty or friends or pleading to find the one friend that will give you their lending ear?” – Destiny “Desi” Teague, MS, LPC