Reasons Why People Love Online Therapy


The increase in mental health awareness is something that millions of citizens across the planet will always be thankful for. The ones who experience depression, autism, and paranoia, among others, can
now come forward to receive a proper diagnosis without prejudice. They can also stand in front of a vast
crowd and inspire more people in their life story, knowing they’re not “freaks” for having a particular
Despite the greatness it brings forth, government institutions may not have enough capability to extend
help to all these patients at once. It is perhaps why some licensed medical practitioners turned to the
internet to offer online counseling to patients who have digital access. The new form of psychotherapy, quite expectedly, became a hit, and we can share a few reasons for that.

Celeste Viciere, LMHC said “Because so many therapists come from different backgrounds and teaching philosophies, it’s important to understand what lens the therapist is looking from.”

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Counseling Through Adventures

Counseling based adventure is a type of counseling therapy which involves various experiential activities in the form of traveling or adventure. Most of these activities are done outdoors which may include camping, hiking, rock climbing, mountain trekking, sailing, and other cooperative activities. The exercises will benefit the participants in various ways. It will help them to explore their personal matters in a safe and encouraging environment with the help of mental health experts. 


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There Should Be No Regrets (No Matter How Bad It Messed Up Your Mental Health)


When I was younger, I used to say that I regretted marrying Michael. He was the love of my life, and I gave him the whole of me. We started our love story when we were only seventeen, and now that I am forty, we have parted ways. It’s not easy to forget twenty-two years of OUR LIFE. The years flew by so fast, but the days were long, most painful and excruciating. In the end, my mental health was affected, and I said I have regrets, but it shouldn’t be the case no matter how badly he has messed me up. Let me tell you why I changed my mind. I don’t regret those twenty years, and I don’t regret meeting him, loving him, marrying him, and now, leaving him.

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