Ways To Remain Fulfilled At Work

When adults give lectures to the youth, they often suggest seeking a job in an industry where your talents can flourish. This way, your workplace becomes more of a playground to exercise your craft. But if you already followed that advice, you know there are still possibilities for the work to burn you and your passion out.

That is never a helpful sign since it can poorly affect your performance. Check out the ways to remain fulfilled at work.

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Get positive vibes going

 Positivity begins within yourself. Some coaches may tell you that it’s something to receive from energetic folks around you. Yet, in reality, they can’t affect your mood that much in case you don’t have a similar attitude.

Start the day by uttering words of appreciation and encouragement, for instance. The statements you voice out hold a lot of power toward how the events in your life will unfold. If you’re grumpy as soon as you hop in the car and say your morning “sucks”, it may truly suck.

Being positive in front of various issues isn’t a piece of cake, but it’s super doable once you practice positivity daily.


TRIVIA: Studies show that women with children are much more likely to drop off the tenure track than male colleagues.  – Michelle B. Moore, PsyD 


Segregate your thoughts

For sure, your existence does not only revolve around your work. You may have a family, friends or children that can influence your outlook on life. It’s all good when they cheer you up and motivate you to perform well in the workplace. Once a rift in any of your relationships takes place, however, the job may suffer too.

The latter won’t happen if you learn how to leave personal or business problems at home or office, respectively. Again, that may be difficult, especially if you’re a naturally emotional individual. You’ll have to try, though, so that the issues won’t transform into a domino effect and destroy all your opportunities.


According to Sandra Lewis, PsyD, “People focus a lot on time management, but I think in terms of personal energy management. If you have enough energy, you make better use of your time.”


Bond with colleagues

No matter how much of a rockstar you are at work, you can’t truly remain fulfilled if there are folks in the office you can’t talk to. That kind of a place is like a community where everyone should treat each other as family. And you don’t simply pass by a family member in the hallway. You talk to them, ask how they are, and catch up with their lives.

Accomplishing this task won’t be hard even if you are the newbie. Invite them to eat lunch or get coffee with you, go to group dinners, and have a bright smile prepared for all. Soon enough, you’ll be friends with these people.


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Look for inspiration

It’s definitely a struggle to remain fulfilled at work when you’re basically among the best players there. You achieved more than what the others were able to, so what else is there to challenge yourself with? Nevertheless, you can’t wait for others to motivate you – seek it on your own.

That can mean taking on a bigger role or accepting more complex projects. Whatever it is, as long as it inspires you to go to the workplace with a light heart, it will be great.

Ari Tuckman, PsyD said “The line between work and play becomes much blurrier and it’s easy to talk oneself into justifying some work activity as being somewhat a ‘fun’ activity.”